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                                                         Hakikat Bir Gizli Sırdır 
                                                         Açabilirsen Gel Beri 
                                                         Küfr İçinde İman Vardır 
                                                         Seçebilirsen Gel Beri! 

We are just ordinary citizens from Turkey.
A country with lies!
With the help of International and Native Media  you are not allowed to learn the truth about Turkey!
Telling the truth is hard and dangerous so I decided others to be safe for now.
Things are very different here and the story will be shocking for you.

Being ''naive'' hımm what a nice word from a colony!
Our voice is naive so nobody cares some even don't have ears maybe!
We don't have lobbies, we  don't bribe Journalists, Politicians, we don't have newspapers.
Yes we are the citizens of  Turkey  ten millions of people that probably you had never heard about;
This blog is to tell the truth!
I am a native Turkish speaker and English is just another language for me!
The Turkish Language and Culture is very hard to translate or tell that makes things harder!
I will always prefer writing in Turkish but I have to write in English too.
No one is telling this story  so someone have to do this!
Working hard all day, things are hard and getting much harder everyday.
Please before reacting remember that I am Turkish and  have detailed knowledge about Turkey and related issues. Not like some freelance journalists or a mass media journalist  who don't even know the names of the Turkish deserts but selling abroad political analysis about Turkish Politics and Turkish Culture spiced with lies and with private decisions/desires according to the expectations of some groups!

Enver Gökçe or Fuzuli, Turkish is more about soul we have the best and worst here!
There are many important points about the structure of Turkish which foreigners should learn before deciding about Turkey.  Many hidden historical facts, lies, manipulation, oppression on the truth!

So Let The Truth Dance!

I am an Alevi, a Turk.
A rebel for the state, Persona non grata!
Sakıncalı Piyade*  for the Army!

You can also send columns!

   Sakıncalı Piyade* A book by Journalist/Writer Uğur MUMCU  (August 22, 1942 – January 24, 1993) The book is only available in Turkish as far as I know. Before talking about Turkish Politics you should read some and this book is one of them.

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