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AKP Classic: Beat the Women, Cheat the Votes, Dead Can Dance for the Jihad

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         Some call this city  Istanbul but I rather Eastanbul  I am not a tourist and I am not an ignorant Orientalist or an EU politician who is enjoying the dirty power and luxury of ''The City with 7 Hills'' 77  lovers, 777 enemies!

         Women from CHP Republican People's Party were working for the referendum. EU Reporters and your newspapers  or your freelance journalist won't let you know this even if they are both female too because they didn't beaten  by Islamist AKP member men with bats! Yesterday a woman freelance journalist  was covering the AKP violence as if CHP members are also attacking AKP members because she don't want to have problems, she don't know Turkish or anything about Turkey she is here for private reasons so she don't want to have problems with Islamist government! That is her choice of course she is not wise enough to think that she is effecting 70 Million people of  Turkey, there is a huge black out about what is really going on here, Turkey!

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          For the AKP and islamists if you are a women with out ''burqa'' or ''turban'' you are an evil. Of course there are great people in the Islamist groups too I know but that is rare and mostly  fundamentalist groups are following the bad guys! Foreignors are lucky if they are from EU cause people will afraid to harm them EU is powerful for now but if you are a Turkish Woman  or a Russian Woman you can easily have problems with men or even with women. So beating a woman is normal for them that is how the AKP became powerful  with 12 September 1980 Islamist Coup; torture, killing, lies, violence! If  a man do the same thing to an Islamist women they will start a riot and kill people (not a joke) the Democracy road  and Erdogan's road are totally opposite ways.

         These women are ordinary people not rich, not elite and trying to help their people and when they try AKP members are trying every thing to make them feel bad because they are secularist women and some even dare to attack  to these women! Oh the attackers are free that is the AKP way!

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            Not only women, students, children, old men and women also attacked by AKP members. A 22 years old man and his 70 years old mother beaten deadly by 8 AKP members again the AKP militants are free and untouchable! Oh Erdogan used to beat a 13 years old boy, the boy was playing with his friends near his home and Erdogan was travelling by his bus and hundreds of  Islamist cops! The 13 years old boy told ''God/Allah will punish you all in the elections /Allah hepinizin cezasını seçimde verecek'' and he was beaten by Erdogan, than arrested also sent to the court! The boy was lucky because there were journalists photos can be found easily! Erdogan took the boy inside the bus and harmed his neck!

          The question is how long we the People of Turkey will tolerate this AKP gang mafia&terror organisation what should we do?
Sorry I can not hit a women  for the banners she is giving to me but some Islamist women can kill others inhumanly! Hımm did you watch the videos of brainwashed 4 years old girls of Islamist families I will add soon with translation!

          With their support some foreigner politicians and journalists are also responsible from this violent  acts of AKP. Islamists killed thousands of secularist women, babies, children in Turkey before! AKP and Taleban are same just AKP is using PR and fooling people with illusion.

           A few days ago Policemen  arrested CHP Supporter Women  without any reason in Antalya, the police is mostly islamist and controlled by an Islamist group  and Islamist AKP. EU is still talking about Democracy which is insane and funny! If there will be a massacre again in Turkey the ones who supports AKP will be also responsible note this down on your agenda too!

           AKP is getting more and more aggressive the poll is clear %70 at least %65 will vote for ''NO Hayır'' in the referendum and CHP is already the 1st party! AKP is related with several serious international crimes bribe, terror, illegal money, international fraud like Deniz Feneri, IHH, drug traffic, the illegal invasion of TV Stations, Newspapers, Mines, companies, banks the list can be long as big as the Ritz so they will try to cheat again with every possible way. By manipulating Computer system, fake (Dead  can Vote in Turkey since AKP) citizens, changing votes or stealing votes. Yes this had happened all in the ex elections. Are there any parties that are cheating like AKP in the EU?    

           The Turkish and Foreign media is not doing their job so I am typing now even though I can hardly bare with antibiotics at the moment! Lets question the system they just let us know only when they want and they just told us only what they want!

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