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Alevi Apartheid in Turkey (Academic Research Results)

Today Vatan Daily one of the most popular newspapers of  Turkey published a summary of an academic research about Alevi Apartheid.

Maras Alevi Massacre more than 8000 Alevi civillians killed by sunnis with the help of  sunni state police and army! 


Alevism is a religion and there are more than 25 million Alevi citizens living in Turkey. Alevis are tolerated, secularist, peaceful people. Turkey is modern because of Alevi people. The most famous Alevi is Ataturk! Alevis are living in many countries not only in Turkey. Most of the Alevis are Turk but there are also Kurdish, Zaza, Persian, Arabic Alevis.

Alevis are facing with discrimination in Turkey International media and Turkish media is still ignoring Alevis. This research results are shocking. I am not surprised because I am an Alevi and I am facing with these problems too.

Research was made by academician Aykan Erdemir and it took 18 months. Thousands of Alevi people took place in this research. Reserchers talk directly with 258 Alevi and also asked questions to 1672 Alevi online from different cities!   

Turkey is managed by sunnis since 1950, now President, Prime minister, ministers are all sunni. There is not even 1 Alevi minister in the AKP government! But 35 to 40 percent of the population of Turkey is Alevi! Also there are no Alevi Governors, 81 of the 81 cities governors are all sunni too. The police force is nearly all sunni too! That means Alevis are not represented in the state and Alevis don't have the constitutional rights although the Turkish Constitution is clearly rejecting  racism and apartheid!          

In every part of the social life the doors are closed to the Alevi individuals. This is not declared openly but this rule is shaping the things as a hidden secret rule! Alevis are tolerated till they have success but if they became an academic rector or became a important high rank army officer sunnis are reacting! the researcher is a sunni but he also realize the ugly truth; if An Alevi is successful the sunni system is starting to oppress this person. You don't have to be an adult it starts in the primary school! If you are one of the best  students in the school sunni teachers can give you some zeros without any reason! You can be the best student in that class but you are Alevi you should have low points because they don't want successful Alevis. This is happening even in the best schools of Turkey! Also the situation is same in the universities. If you are a state worker or officer or working for a private company you will also have problems because of being Alevi!
The sunnis will always give the jobs and positions to sunnis you can be the best engineer but you will be discriminated and a sunni will take your position. But if an Alevi decide for a job he/she will give the position to the one who deserves.

Also rich Alevis are  attacked by the sunni state with every legal and illegal way. The sunni state don't want rich Alevis sunnis are taking our lands our companies by manipulating the laws and government power!  

According to research Alevi Apartheid is rising and becoming more systematical day by day and this is the most strict and aggressive apartheid in Europe!  The discrimination against Alevis is in every where state works or private works, education, employment, health, religion, during army duty. Alevi citizens are facing with different procedures  because of their secularist peaceful religion and beliefs! 

The different procedures against Alevis includes, hate speech, threatening,  discrimination and even sometimes to death or torture! 

Mr. Erdemir described this as  ''The doors are all closed for every level of social life   to Alevi people!'' Sadly he is right our struggle starts since child hood of course some Alevi babies are not lucky enough to survive during the sunni attacks. Many Alevi babies were massacred during Alevi Massacres by sunni civilians even some Alevi babies were tortured with their parents by sunni police! 

The discrimination against Alevis includes apartments, cemeteries, accommodation sites and streets! In Turkey people are hiding their identities not to be targeted by sunnis! But that doesn't work for Alevis as hiding himself/herself is very hard mostly impossible for an Alevi. Alevis don't fast, don't pray namaz or go to mosque on friday, Alevis are very liberal Alevi women don't wear Turban or Burka or Niqap! Also the roots of Alevis are more clear due to the ottoman persecutions and Alevi Genocides! Alevi people lived as tribes to protect themselves so Alevi citizens are easy to track from their hometown or home villages. 

The media is also controlled by sunnis. Alevis are good at science, art, literature, music most of the positive figures of Turkish history are Alevi people like Ataturk, Rumi, Asık Veysel, Yunus Emre. But no way if you are an Alevi you can not be a journalist, columnist and you can not write about Alevism in a newspaper. The media will only told what the sunni state want to be told about Alevis! Alevis are the owners of Turkish music and literature but there is not even 1 Alevi columnist in the Hurriyet Daily. You are an Alevi   the more you make your job better the more sunnis will hate you! Things are different in Turkey!      

The sunni state is building mosques in Alevi villages or Towns! Alevis pray in Cemevi (Alevi Worship House) so building a mosque to Alevi villages is just to make them uncomfortable! The sunni state is sometimes building 2 mosques in the same Alevi village but there are no sunnis living there! Also sunni state is  putting sound systems to play sunni ezan in the Alevi villages which don't have mosques!  And sunnis made Genocides to Alevis so quess how Alevis are feeling it is like building a nazi center in a Jewish town and playing the nazi songs 5 times a day!  

The sunni state is oppressing Alevi villages by governors or by government officers.  Sunni state is not serving Alevi villages water lines, schools, roads, health facilities are just  other ways to oppress Alevis more. The sunni state is not building the roads or water lines or just building it cheaply and when it needs fixing state never fixes it. The sunni state don't want Alevis to be happy.

Hace Bektas is a Dai (Alevi Leader) who is very important for Alevis.  He is a philosopher who  used to write the basics of the Declaration of Human Rights  centuries ago which is still a part of our religion. His town is holly for Alevis. The AKP government shoot down the electricity of the water pumps in this town! Hacıbektaş Town can not pay the electricity bill because the municipality is nearly having no money from the government. Every year millions of people are visiting this town and paying to the government  for the tickets to enter the Hacıbektaş Cemevi! Alevis have to pay to enter their house and this money is not even used for Alevis! 

More than 20 years there is no crime in Hacıbektaş town although sometimes more than  half million people are sleeping in the streets during the festival.  So the jail is closed since 1995! And sunni state is punishing this town can you believe that!   What kind of a state do that!  Crime is very low in the Alevi community because of the Alevi lifestyle! 

Also the researchers asked to Alevis to compare their situation with 5 years ago, most of them told that the apartheid is becoming more and more strict and the situation is really awful for Alevis. (No need to make a research everyone knows that Alevis are oppressed more day by day in Turkey)              

Also Diyanet (the religion ministry) is using billions of dollars just for sunni religion. The budget of Diyanet minister is more than 8 of other ministers! Alevis give tax but take nothing except torture, assassinations, mass murders, insults...  

9 of the every 10 Alevis told that there is religion discrimination against Alevis and religion based discrimination is very common in Turkey

 3 of the every 4 Alevi told that he/she was discriminated more than once in a year.  

Alevis are also telling that they are facing with gender discrimination, discrimination for being handicapped, for their sexual preferences,  for their ethnicity, for their age, 

4 of the every 5 Alevi told that plural discrimination is very common in Turkey which means discrimination is done by groups and in public.  

9 of the every 10 Alevis told that they witnessed discrimination of other Alevis in the last 1 year.

Alevis also told that they don't care about the ethnicity or the life style or the religion of their neighbors and don't feel disturbed from being neighbors with them.  Roman, Christian, Jewish , Handicapped, homosexual neighbors or   neighbors from different ethnicity is okay for Alevis. ( there were several researches which pointed that half of the citizens in  Turkey don't want to have Christian or Jewish (non-Muslim)  neighbors. ) The sunni and Alevi citizens are different like back and white. 

Also according to research the percentage of  Alevis who have friends from other ethnicities or other religions (non-muslim) or  homosexual friends or Roman friends is very above the Turkey's general percentage.  That is because of Alevism if you just search Alevism you will see that it is impossible for an Alevi to make discrimination against  other people.

Also between 2002 and 2007 anti-Alevist islamo-fascist AKP government built 3555 sunni mosques! But there were only 179 Alevi Cemevis (Churchs) at the time! Now there are 85,000 mosques in Turkey a mosque for every 210 sunni!   European Union and USA is just ignoring this fascism 25 million Alevi is living in a nazi camp! 

Erdogan is telling that he is proud of ''Ebu Suud'' who ordered and committed  genocide to Alevis during his rallies! 

I can confirm all of these and more so Alevis don't want to live with sunnis.
I am going to add more about Alevis soon.  There are lots of things to tell about Alevis like Maras Massacre! Alevi Genocides of ottomans! 


Gaza father killed his 14 year old son

A father  A. N. (40) from Jabaliya refugee camp in north Gaza killed his son Mohammed (14) by setting fire to him because the boy refused to help the family to pick olives during harvest.

     According to reports the 40-year-old Father threatened to torch his son Mohammad, 14, when he refused to help him harvest olives. The father then sent the boy's brother to get Benzene and gave him 2 shekels ($0.50) to buy a lighter.

     Police said A.N. first chased Mohammad into the bathroom, and poured fuel over him. The boy managed to escape and ran towards his grandmother's house next door, but his father caught him and set alight to him. Mohammad's grandmother told police that she opened the door to find her grandson's body burned. The child was immediately brought to hospital by neighbors but can't survived.

     Mohammad's father told that he was just trying to frighten the boy, where as was arrested and questioned by police, and probably going to charged with murder.

Gazze Şeridi'nde bir baba, zeytin toplamalarına yardım etmeyen 14 yaşındaki oğlunu yakarak öldürdü.

    Filistin basını ve Polis raporlarına göre,  Gazze Şeridi'nin kuzeyindeki Cebaliye mülteci kampında perşembe günü 40 yaşındaki baba A. N. zeytin hasadına 14 yaşındaki oğlu Muhammed'in de yardım etmesini istedi. Çocuğun sözlerini umursamaması üzerine sinirlenen baba, oğlunu yakarak öldüreceğini söyledi, az sonra başka bir çocuğunu gaz getirmeye yolladı ve 2 Şekel ($0.50) vererek bir de çakmak almasını istedi.

    Polisin raporlarına göre , baba  14 yaşındaki çocuğu önce banyoya sokup üzerine benzin döktü, çocuk banyodan kaçarak yakındaki babaannesinin evine kaçmaya çalışırken babaannesinin evinin kapısının önünde baba çoçuğu yakalayarak diridiri yaktı. Babaanne evinin kapısını açtığında torununu yanarken buldu komşuların hemen hastaneye götürdüğü çoçuk kurtarılamadı.

    Tutuklanan Gazzeli baba sorgusunda oğlunu öldürmek için değil , sadece korkutmaya çalıştığını söylemesine rağmen büyük olasılıkla cinayetten yargılanması bekleniyor.


Censorship Turkish journalists warn Ankara and the EU

Journalists’ professional organizations gathered at Journalists’ Association of Turkey
(TGC – Turkiye Gazeteciler Cemiyeti) and published a declaration
As many journalists are detained in prison for months and the extension of the period of detention has became in a way a punishment, Orhan Erinc (President of the Journalists' Association of Turkey - TGC), Ercan Ipekci (President of Journalists’ Union of Turkey), Atilla Sertel (President of Federation of Journalists of Turkey), Yilmaz Karaca (Chairman of Journalists’ Associations Press Foundation), Oktay Eksi (President of the Press Council), Nazim Alpman (representing the Contemporary Journalists' Association), Ferai Tinc (President of the Press Institute Association) and Ali Ekber Yildirim (Vice-President of the Journalists’ Association of Izmir) reacted and signed a declaration.

The joint declaration of journalists’ professional organizations, which requested respect from the government to the right of freedom of press and to the right of the public to receive information, has been as follows:

"There is a large number of journalists and media employees who are on trial, being detained in jail in Turkey Apart from the trials with detention, there are more than 700 criminal suits and suits for damages related to journalists. The imprisonment which holds back journalists from exercising their profession threatens press freedom in Turkey.

In the Ergenekon case, six journalists are on trial in Silivri. All of them are imprisoned since the beginning of the investigation. Prosecutors have completed investigations, gathered the evidences and prepared the indictments. Cases have been opened and hearings are in progress. Although the Chief judge of the court voted in favor, the release of journalists is consistently rejected. Some of them have been detained for almost 2 years. This clearly shows that arrests are not a precaution, but have become a mean of punishment.

At the end of the trial, the journalists Mustafa Balbay, Tuncay Ozkan, Deniz Yildirim, Ufuk Akkaya, Hikmet Cicek, Emcet Olcaytu and Ergun Poyraz may be found  guiltless, but they have stayed in prison as long as if they have been convicted to 8-10 years of prison.

We would like to remind all these matters, to those who defend what has happened in the name of "state law" and "the rule of law".
Journalists have never been detained for such a long time in Turkey, as it has been the case in the Ergenekon investigation, even during the:
  • 33 years of autocracy of Abdulhamit in Turkey’s past, 
  • Period of Independance Courts,
  • Period of Law on the Maintenance of Order (Takrir-i Sukun Kanunu),
  • Single-party period,
  • Rule of the Democratic Party

The only example of a long period of detention of journalists, is the case of “Peace Association” (Baris Dernegi), happened during the coup of September 12, 1980, that the government criticises at every opportunity and pretends to take “revenge” on. 

The basic liberty is the liberty of individuals. According to article 19/7 of the constitution of 1982, persons under detention shall have the right to request trial within a reasonable or to be released during investigation or prosecution. The source of this article comes from the European Convention on Human Rights, in which article 5-6 protect individual liberties in a broad sense.

We are waiting for an implementation in line with the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. We want the removal of all detentions which are clearly against the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights.

Our journalist friends are not alone and will not be left alone.

We would like to make this public announcement on behalf of the professional organizations of press, with our best regards,
Orhan Erinc – President of Journalists' Association of Turkey

Ercan Ipekci- President of Journalists' Union of Turkey

Atilla Sertel – President of Journalists' Federation of Turkey

Oktay Eksi – President of Press Council

Ferai Tınç - President of the Press Institute Association

Nazim Alpman - Representing Contemporary Journalists' Association

Yilmaz Karaca – President of the Journalists' Associations Press Foundation

Nail Güreli - President of the Senate of Journalists’ Association of Turkey

Sibel Gunes - General Secretary of the Journalists’ Association of Turkey

Ali Ekber Yildirim - Vice-President of Journalists’ Association of Izmir

Turgut Kazan - Lawyer

Fikret İlkiz - General Counsel of the Journalists’ Association of Turkey”


AKP Classic: Beat the Women, Cheat the Votes, Dead Can Dance for the Jihad

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         Some call this city  Istanbul but I rather Eastanbul  I am not a tourist and I am not an ignorant Orientalist or an EU politician who is enjoying the dirty power and luxury of ''The City with 7 Hills'' 77  lovers, 777 enemies!

         Women from CHP Republican People's Party were working for the referendum. EU Reporters and your newspapers  or your freelance journalist won't let you know this even if they are both female too because they didn't beaten  by Islamist AKP member men with bats! Yesterday a woman freelance journalist  was covering the AKP violence as if CHP members are also attacking AKP members because she don't want to have problems, she don't know Turkish or anything about Turkey she is here for private reasons so she don't want to have problems with Islamist government! That is her choice of course she is not wise enough to think that she is effecting 70 Million people of  Turkey, there is a huge black out about what is really going on here, Turkey!

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          For the AKP and islamists if you are a women with out ''burqa'' or ''turban'' you are an evil. Of course there are great people in the Islamist groups too I know but that is rare and mostly  fundamentalist groups are following the bad guys! Foreignors are lucky if they are from EU cause people will afraid to harm them EU is powerful for now but if you are a Turkish Woman  or a Russian Woman you can easily have problems with men or even with women. So beating a woman is normal for them that is how the AKP became powerful  with 12 September 1980 Islamist Coup; torture, killing, lies, violence! If  a man do the same thing to an Islamist women they will start a riot and kill people (not a joke) the Democracy road  and Erdogan's road are totally opposite ways.

         These women are ordinary people not rich, not elite and trying to help their people and when they try AKP members are trying every thing to make them feel bad because they are secularist women and some even dare to attack  to these women! Oh the attackers are free that is the AKP way!

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            Not only women, students, children, old men and women also attacked by AKP members. A 22 years old man and his 70 years old mother beaten deadly by 8 AKP members again the AKP militants are free and untouchable! Oh Erdogan used to beat a 13 years old boy, the boy was playing with his friends near his home and Erdogan was travelling by his bus and hundreds of  Islamist cops! The 13 years old boy told ''God/Allah will punish you all in the elections /Allah hepinizin cezasını seçimde verecek'' and he was beaten by Erdogan, than arrested also sent to the court! The boy was lucky because there were journalists photos can be found easily! Erdogan took the boy inside the bus and harmed his neck!

          The question is how long we the People of Turkey will tolerate this AKP gang mafia&terror organisation what should we do?
Sorry I can not hit a women  for the banners she is giving to me but some Islamist women can kill others inhumanly! Hımm did you watch the videos of brainwashed 4 years old girls of Islamist families I will add soon with translation!

          With their support some foreigner politicians and journalists are also responsible from this violent  acts of AKP. Islamists killed thousands of secularist women, babies, children in Turkey before! AKP and Taleban are same just AKP is using PR and fooling people with illusion.

           A few days ago Policemen  arrested CHP Supporter Women  without any reason in Antalya, the police is mostly islamist and controlled by an Islamist group  and Islamist AKP. EU is still talking about Democracy which is insane and funny! If there will be a massacre again in Turkey the ones who supports AKP will be also responsible note this down on your agenda too!

           AKP is getting more and more aggressive the poll is clear %70 at least %65 will vote for ''NO Hayır'' in the referendum and CHP is already the 1st party! AKP is related with several serious international crimes bribe, terror, illegal money, international fraud like Deniz Feneri, IHH, drug traffic, the illegal invasion of TV Stations, Newspapers, Mines, companies, banks the list can be long as big as the Ritz so they will try to cheat again with every possible way. By manipulating Computer system, fake (Dead  can Vote in Turkey since AKP) citizens, changing votes or stealing votes. Yes this had happened all in the ex elections. Are there any parties that are cheating like AKP in the EU?    

           The Turkish and Foreign media is not doing their job so I am typing now even though I can hardly bare with antibiotics at the moment! Lets question the system they just let us know only when they want and they just told us only what they want!

Some grills are bigger than others, A Suicide Story Cehennet!

livinginturkey men with 4 kids suicide cause of hunger 15m$ f... on Twitpic

Some stories are hard to tell when you live in them, when you work to change ''The bitter End''

''Some grills are bigger than others'' a foreigner who is living in Turkey  was tweeting yesterday with full of joy ''Some girls are bigger than others'' most of you probably heard the song before. This photo is a family from Turkey just look at it and try to find out what is it all about. The Dad, Husband worked all day it was Ramadan so they were eating nearly once everyday. Dad worked honestly when he can found a daily job for a few Liras like millions of  Turkish People if not he was selling vegetables on the streets. At night he came back to home and there was again nothing to eat for anyone he was also fasting for god. He went to the room close the door and his wife opened the door later with the kids there their father was dead! Dad's legs were on the air. This is the story of my people people are hanging themselves because of Hunger in Turkey and AKP members are becoming dolar billionaires!  Turkey is very rich  to make people die from hunger must be a miracle in this country but Erdogan is making it with passion and pride! There are lots of people found dead at their homes because of  ''Hunger'' the media is hiding most of them. Villagers, businessmen except Islamists and the AKP members people are getting more poor everyday!

A man suicide because of his debts in Turkey economy is destr... on Twitpic

A few days ago this man suicided on the street because of a few thousands of debts.

There is a very common decision in Turkey that the cheapest thing in Turkey is the life of people!

Writing about this family is really hard for me and When they grow up what are we going to tell  to the kids about their father. Welcome to the Truth! That is why Poet Ece Ayhan told  ''Cehennet'' for Turkey! It is not a Cennet it is not a Cehennem.

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And everyday during Ramadan, sunni state is  allowing the Municipalities in Istanbul to use 15 Million USD for the Ramadan Dinner Shows (iftars) to feed the AKP supporters and to have more Akp supporters by making propaganda. Last week one of the  iftar shows of AKP in Ankara was over 50,000 people with ''Yes'' propaganda  on food boxes! 25 Million Alevis don't fast  in Ramadan but sunni state is using our money  to make Ramadan Shows where as people are dying from hunger! That is why I am so angry! Alevis also fast in another month but we don't make shows or use the government money and we eat only simple food during fasting. Yes I am swearing and I am angry just look at to the kids above, Erdogan and AKP is that much barbaric! They don't  care about humanity is this stupidity possible in EU! In every city iftar shows started and just for Istanbul it costs more than half billion USD. This year because of the Referendum AKP is  spending huge amounts for iftars! But according to Secular Constitution government shouldn't make iftar shows as usual islamist politicians don't care about laws or about the millions of poor people of  Turkey.  The AKP even invites Christians, diplomats, Jews to the iftar dinners if you don't fast and if you are not  Muslim  what are you doing there!  Ramadan, faith, Erdogan's Sultanocracy and hunger and yes an EU Reporter was telling that she is reforming Turkey on her own. Thanks EU for your Great Reforms so that our people learned how to suicide because of hunger this is a real Revolution in an ultra  rich country like Turkey. And That EU Reporter should be awarded with Darwin Awards if she is really that much stupid to believe in AKP! AKP is doing a great job with the help of  foreign media and politicians if they keep on that good work all of the problems of Turkish citizens will be solved as death is the best solution!


                                                         Hakikat Bir Gizli Sırdır 
                                                         Açabilirsen Gel Beri 
                                                         Küfr İçinde İman Vardır 
                                                         Seçebilirsen Gel Beri! 

We are just ordinary citizens from Turkey.
A country with lies!
With the help of International and Native Media  you are not allowed to learn the truth about Turkey!
Telling the truth is hard and dangerous so I decided others to be safe for now.
Things are very different here and the story will be shocking for you.

Being ''naive'' hımm what a nice word from a colony!
Our voice is naive so nobody cares some even don't have ears maybe!
We don't have lobbies, we  don't bribe Journalists, Politicians, we don't have newspapers.
Yes we are the citizens of  Turkey  ten millions of people that probably you had never heard about;
This blog is to tell the truth!
I am a native Turkish speaker and English is just another language for me!
The Turkish Language and Culture is very hard to translate or tell that makes things harder!
I will always prefer writing in Turkish but I have to write in English too.
No one is telling this story  so someone have to do this!
Working hard all day, things are hard and getting much harder everyday.
Please before reacting remember that I am Turkish and  have detailed knowledge about Turkey and related issues. Not like some freelance journalists or a mass media journalist  who don't even know the names of the Turkish deserts but selling abroad political analysis about Turkish Politics and Turkish Culture spiced with lies and with private decisions/desires according to the expectations of some groups!

Enver Gökçe or Fuzuli, Turkish is more about soul we have the best and worst here!
There are many important points about the structure of Turkish which foreigners should learn before deciding about Turkey.  Many hidden historical facts, lies, manipulation, oppression on the truth!

So Let The Truth Dance!

I am an Alevi, a Turk.
A rebel for the state, Persona non grata!
Sakıncalı Piyade*  for the Army!

You can also send columns!

   Sakıncalı Piyade* A book by Journalist/Writer Uğur MUMCU  (August 22, 1942 – January 24, 1993) The book is only available in Turkish as far as I know. Before talking about Turkish Politics you should read some and this book is one of them.